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Construction and Excavation

-Excavation Grading, De-watering & Restoration

In addition to our professional excavation grading, we offer de-watering services to control corrosion and maintain the integrity of the structures and sub-grades. 

-Standard & Custom Fabrication


Telluric's professionals are highly-skilled in demolition, dismantling and decontamination of all types of buildings and structures including gas holders, steel tanks, API separators, transformers, chemical processing equipment, and pipelines. We specialize in the demolition of complex and difficult structures and in facilities contaminated with asbestos, acids, caustics, heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, chrome, etc.) and radioactive materials.


-Mechanical Underground System Installation

Telluric offers a variety of underground system solutions including:

  • Trenching excavation

  • Wet utilities installation including storm drain systems, sanitary sewer systems, domestic water
    and fire water pipe lines

  • Dry utilities installation for electrical, communications, and gas

  • Sewer and storm lift stations, pump stations, and sumps

  • Utility substructures

  • Utility pot-holing and location detection​

Contact TELLURIC for more information on Construction and Excavation Services:

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