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Emergency Response Services 

-Spill Response, Control and Cleanup

Telluric offers spill response and other emergency spill response capabilities for a broad range of incidents including a spill of oil, fuel, chemical, or other hazardous materials.

We deal with a wide range of incidents, such as: vehicular accidents, train derailments, aviation incidents, natural disasters, abandonment and industrial facility accidents. All Telluric response personnel have extensive training including hazmat, emergency spill response techniques.

-Supplied Air Operations

Telluric technicians are also trained and qualified for Supplied Air Operations, providing the ability to work in potentially Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) atmospheres where dangerous chemicals/vapors may be present. We can supply both SCBA and Cascade System breathing air equipment.

-Confined Space Entry: Standby Services and    Training Services

Do you work in or around confined spaces? Telluric offers Confined Space Entry Training , as well as standby services. We will show you how to work in a confined space environment to maximize safety for you and those around you.

Our professionals provide hands on training in confined space recognition, atmospheric monitoring, and non entry rescue techniques.  The student will also get awareness training of the  EMS system and the part they would play in the event of a confined space accident.

Contact TELLURIC for more information on Emergency Response Services

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