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Environmental Services

-Contaminated Site Cleanup and Reclamation

Our services for contaminated site cleanup and reclamation include:

  • Abatement and demolition 

  • Excavation and delineation of contaminated soils,

  • Remediation activities

  • Removal and replacement of underground utilities with final grading and capping as may be required.

Telluric's highly-trained technicians are able to manage all phases on contaminated industrial and brownfield sites. Site materials are handled and processed in accordance with the site specific Contaminated Media Management Plan (CMMP) and other regulated requirements. Telluric will dispose of all contaminated materials in accordance with state and federal standards and regulations.

-Remediation System Installation, Operations & Maintenance

Telluric will install, operate and maintain a remediation system, removing harmful chemical and vapors, solvents and pcbs from the soil or water with a system that is specific for your site. We specialize in the designing and constructing of environmental remediation systems.  We mobilize equipment and perform a variety of pilot tests including: Ground Water Pump & Treat, Soil Vapor Extraction, Air Sparging and Dual-Phase Extraction.

 -AST & UST Management & Decommissioning

Telluric can provide storage tank decommissioning services (both above and below ground) in accordance with API – RP1604 standards by maintaining current ODEQ UST and HOT Service Providers Licensing.  We also offer remediation and restoration activities, complete LUST site excavation as well as liquid and vapor phase discharge streams.

-Pond, Stream & Wetland Stabilization Cleaning

We provide comprehensive water cleaning and stabilization services that are in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. Telluric also works to protect and preserve natural vegetation and animal life in or near any project site.

Contact TELLURIC for more information Environmental Services:

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